commissions are open; please contact me via Twitter, Toyhou.se, or deviantART to order

my most recent works can be seen on my twitter account


all sales are paid upfront in usd via paypal invoice within 24 hours unless otherwise discussed; by commissioning me you agree that you are of the legal age required to use paypal's services

no refunds will be issued after work has begun


by commissioning me you are purchasing my labor only

i retain all rights to my work, including but not limited to the rights use the works for advertising and self promotion (please notify me in advance if you'd like your commission to remain private)

you may use your commission for any personal use, including re-uploading the art with credit when possible

you may not claim the art as your own or edit it in any way

you may not resell the commission directly (see the "adoptables" section if the commission is of an original character or closed species)

you may not use the commission for nft/non fungible tokens, cryptocurrency, blockchain-based technologies or advertisement thereof; any profit from or advertising for these systems is strictly prohibited

commercial usage

you may not use the commission for commercial purposes unless agreed upon in advance; commercial usage can be discussed at any time via email

i reserve the right to approve or decline commercial usage at any time, unless permission is obtained before the commission has begun


i choose not to accept any commissions that involve explicit sexual themes, violence, or abuse, but nudity is acceptable


you may gift, trade, and re-sell any designs purchased from me, at any price

you may make any changes or edits to the design, but you may not edit the original artwork

if a commission piece is of an original character or closed species, you may include it in the selling price of the character at your own discretion

it is important to read the terms of service first, please

to commission me, choose your commission type below and contact me via any method linked on the front page; please include your character ref and any preferences or exclusions in the initial contact

for ko-fi, please use the commission widget on my ko-fi page and include your ref and a way to deliver the commission in the comment; please keep in mind this is a queue and delivery time will vary, if you want your commission finished in a specific time please contact me to discuss a different type of commission

fullbody chibi - $9-15 via ko-fi

lined scenic commission - $90

up to 2 characters

fullbody commission - $30

painted scenic commission - $140

up to 2 characters